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A taste of Portugal

Discovering the local cuisine undoubtedly plays an enjoyable part of any trip abroad. With 17 Michelin stars being attributed to 14 restaurants across Portugal, such experience has been raised to new standards.

Queluz restaurant

The most iconic dish that can be found on nearly every Portuguese restaurant’s menu must be the Bacalhau. The dish is primarily comprised of dried and salted cod, accompanied by potatoes – although the Portuguese often state that it can be prepared in more than a thousand ways. Portuguese cuisine is often simple, but delicious and national staples include regional stews, cured meats, and the delicious Pasteis de Nata, the popular egg custard tart. Portugal also has it’s own selection of tipples including the wide selection of Port vintages that you can sample in Porto’s famous wine cellars , and Ginjinha – a cherry licquer commonly found in Óbidos and often served in a chocolate cup.

Fish features prominently in Portugal’s Michelin-starred restaurants which have gradually appeared throughout the country, securing Portugal’s place as a developing gastronomic destination. Lisbon, which is home to three out of the 14 establishments praised by the renowned guide, offers its visitors a plethora of choice when it comes to high-end cuisine. The Eleven, the Freitoria and the Belcanto restaurants are all run by success-driven chefs, looking to promote local products in a luxurious setting. In Cascais, the Fortaleza do Guincho and its elegant décor promises to enhance your experience of both food and beverages: the restaurant hosts a monthly dinner with a menu specially designed to harmonise dishes with the right type of wine. Finally, Pedro Lemos’ restaurant in Porto completes our list of unmissable Michelin-star establishments. The guide paid particular attention to the restaurant’s roof terrace, a marvellous setting which provides a stunning backdrop its diners to enjoy an exceptional meal whilst taking in Porto’s magnificent landscapes.

If Lisbon, Cascais and Porto provide travellers with the opportunity to go on a luxurious gastronomic route, you cannot forget that their Pousadas, and Pousadas in general, serve delicious menus featuring plenty of regional dishes and products. The Cozinha Velha restaurant, which is connected to the Pousada de Queluz, is one the Pousadas’ most notable restaurants. With recipes varying between modern and traditional dishes, the gargantuan marble preparation table, and historic cooking spit and chimney, any meal here is a unique experience.


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