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Portugal’s road tolls

Portugal has a good road network composed of Motorways (AE), Main Trunk Routes (IP), Complementary Trunk Routes (IC), Main (National) Roads (EN) and Secondary (Municipal) Roads. There are two types of motorways, some will charge toll fees: – the traditional motorways with toll booths, where payment is made either in cash or by bank card. These motorways also have a Via Verde (green channel), which is an electronic toll system that allows drivers  to make the payment by bank debit and is intended for use solely by those who have an electronic device identifying their vehicle, which they have previously acquired at one of the respective sales outlets.  – and motorways that have an exclusively electronic toll system, where tolls are collected by exclusively electronic means. As vehicles pass through the toll gates, they are picked up by electronic detectors placed at the entry to the channels, which are identified with the words “Electronic toll only”. This handy map (for Summer 2019) shows which road tolls can be paid locally and which require a pre-paid card or electronic toll device. ‘Via Verde Visitors’ – Temporary Device The ‘Via Verde Visitors’ is a Temporary Electronic Device designed for use by vehicles with foreign plates, which facilitates the payment of tolls on the nation’s motorways. In order to take advantage of the ‘Via Verde Visitors’, all you need is an international credit card issued by a foreign entity that is valid and recognized by Via Verde Portugal. This Temporary Electornic Device can be rented at any Via Verde store (  For more information visit  or