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LEZs and congestion charges in Spain

We know that many of our clients like to experience Paradors by taking the ferries into Bilbao and Santander and exploring Spain in the comfort of their own car. Travelling by car offers you the flexibility to tailor your routes to your interests and pace, as well as visit a wider range of Paradors, particularly those located off the beaten track or with limited public transport links. With Spain introducing congestion charges in some of its more populous locations, we thought it would be very helpful for you to know what charges to look out for on your next visit. 

As part of its commitment to join the international fight against climate change and to ensure lower pollution levels across Spain, in 2023 the Spanish government is implementing Low Emission Zones (LEZs). These charges will primarily affect Spain’s larger cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, a policy which is now widespread throughout Europe as it is in London.

What is certain is that older cars and diesel engines travelling through larger metropolitan areas may require payment of a fee, and most cars passing through major cities may be required to pay additional congestion charges at certain times.

If you are hiring a car, we also advise checking with your chosen company to see if there are any restrictions you should be aware of before you travel.

Further measures are being developed across the country during the coming months and years. The website below is a common resource for The AA and other motoring organisations guiding you about the new restrictions being implemented in Spain, Portugal and across Europe.

Despite these new changes, there are still many, many areas across the rest of Spain where you should not be affected by these restrictions and simply need to be aware of toll motorways if you wish to avoid them.


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