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How to get to the Hotel?

The Parador is located in Santiago's old quarter in the Plaza do Obradoiro, where some of the most outstanding monuments of the city can also be found: the cathedral, the town hall and the Colegio de San Xerome. From A Coruña you will reach Santiago along the main N-550 road, passing through Ordes, or along the A-9 motorway towards Pontevedra (65 km). Both roads take you to Noia, 34 km from Santiago, to Padrón, 22 km away and to Pontevedra, 59 km away.



The Autonomous Community of Galicia occupies the north-west corner of Spain and forms the border with the north of Portugal, known as the land of 1,000 rivers. Very much part of what is becoming popularly known as ‘Green Spain’, many Spaniards consider this as their favourite region of the country and regularly come here for their holidays in July and August to escape the extreme heat of the cities and countryside further south. The climate of Galicia is mild and akin to that of Brittany: maximum temperatures in the summer are around 20°C and in winter rarely fall below 5°C, with rain not at all uncommon during the winter months.

The interior of the region is largely hilly – not really mountainous – and criss-crossed by the rivers that flow down to the Cantabrian sea in the north and to the Atlantic in the west, many of them forming the famous Galician ‘Rias’, or small fjords. Stretches of the coast line have magnificent beaches and beautiful fishing villages, while in other areas the coast is wild and rocky with steep cliffs.

The principal cities in Galicia include Lugo, Ourense, Vigo and La Coruña (or A Coruña) but for most visitors the big attraction - and what an attraction - is Santiago de Compostela with its incomparable Cathedral of St James. To stand in the main square of the city (Plaza do Obradoiro) facing the Cathedral and with the magnificent Parador ‘Hostal dos Reis Catolicos’ to your left is an experience to be savoured.

The restaurants at Santiago de Compostela specialise in Galician cuisine such as Calderada dos Reis (turbot, lobster and scallops cooked in their own juices, served with greens and potatoes) Sirloin steak in a Cebreiro cheese sauce and for dessert, Filloas (crêpes filled with apple compote).

Last but not least, remember that Galicia has its own language - Gallego - which is a kind of mixture of Spanish (Castellano) and |Portuguese. Gallego is widely spoken, and used for road and other signs, throughout the region, but practically all ‘Gallegos’ also speak Castellano.

  • Marco
    Lorna R
    November 3, 2022 at 2:46 pm

    Magnificent. I was most impressed how they were all so friendly when constantly busy.
    Client Traveller in 2022

  • Marco
    Bill B.
    August 10, 2023 at 3:01 pm

    The Parador in Santiago de Campostela was both wonderful and a little disappointing. We were glad we had organised a superior room in the original building. Reception was a wonderful peaceful area compared to the noisy square outside. The guy who checked us in took us to our room. It was huge – but very dark. The bathroom was very big but also very dark. The antique furniture looked beautiful but was very uncomfortable. In all, the room was a bit of a disappointment. but it was wonderful to be in this building. Dinner was in a magnificent underground vault – really quite amazing. The food was excellent but our “sherry to accommodate the wait” failed. Our sherry did not arrive till the starter was finished! This is utterly amazing. However, two G&Ts on the terrace waiting for the taxi to the airport were €20, I suppose you pay for the top location and wonderful setting.

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