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How to get to the Hotel?

Speedway A7 (former N-340): links Lorca and Murcia (65 km) allowing easy access to the areas of Levante and Catalonia, with the Centre through the A30 (former N-301) and with Vera, Mojácar or Almería (in only 142 km). A-91 (former N-342): links Puerto Lumbreras (17 km) with the 'Autovía del Mediterráneo', communicating Lorca with Granada (216 km) and Andalusia. C-3211 (to the North): links Lorca with Caravaca de la Cruz (46 km) and the other villages in the North-eastern part of the province, linked with the speedway Madrid-Cartagena. C-3211 (to the South): links Lorca with the coastal town of Águilas (36 k.) and, through the CT-32 (former N-332), with Lorca's coast (Calnegre), Mazarrón and Cartagena.

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