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World Heritage Route

3 Night Itinerary

This world heritage cities route allows you to discover some of the most emblamatic cities of Spain, and is full of history and culture.

Suggested access airports: Madrid

Parador de Salamanca - Night 1

Walk towards the centre of the baroque 18th-century Main Square (Plaza Mayor) and allow yourself to be seduced by its charm. This is the heart of the city. From here you can start your journey through Salamanca and discover its many monuments, including the 15th-century House of Shells (Casa de las Conchas), the Old Cathedral (13th-century), New Cathedral (16th to 18th-century) and the university (16th-century).

Parador de Segovia - Night 2

Every corner and street of Segovia will surprise you. Its aqueduct remind us of the power of Rome, the cathedral and Alcázar, or fortress/palace, evoke a moorish history, while churches such as San Esteban, San Justo, San Martín and San Millán transport us to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque period. Nearby must-sees include the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso (18th century palace and gardens), and Riofrío Palace.

Parador de Alcala De Henares - Night 3

The birthplace of Cervantes, a town of lovely streets, palaces, convents and monasteries, and civil architecture. Alcalá invites you to discover its university (founded in 1499 by Cardinal Cisneros), Cervantes Square, the ruins of Santa María de la Mayor, the college streets of Sta. Ursula and Escritorios, the majestic Stos. Justo y Pastor Cathedral, and more. Don’t miss a walk along bustling Calle Mayor, where you will find the house in which Cervantes was born.


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