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The Heart Of Andalusia Route

3 Night Itinerary

As the name suggests, this is Andalusia – Spain’s largest region – and this route incorporates many of the most notable examples of Moorish occupation in western Andalusia. Particularly outstanding are the mosque in Córdoba and the Parador in Carmona, a 14th century Arabic fortress.

Suggested access airports: Málaga/Jerez/Seville

Parador de Carmona - Night 1

Located in the meadows that run alongside the Carbones River, Carmona is noteworthy for its monuments and relics of the different cultures which have populated it over the course of its long history. Churches, palaces and walls are all part of the important artistic heritage of the old quarter, dominated by the imposing Arab fortress, the Alcázar of King Don Pedro. The town’s location, just a few short kilometers from Seville, or Ishbilya, allows visitors trips into this beautiful city. Highlights include the Royal Palace/Fortress (Real Alcazar), constructed under Abd al-Rhaman III in the year 913, the cathedral, Giralda Tower, Oro Tower, as well as the many leisure options offered by the provincial capital.

Parador de Cordoba - Night 2 & Night 3

Córdoba was the realization of the vision of the Caliph Muslim leaders, as capital of the Omeya Caliphate and centre of learning in the Muslim West during this period. In the city and its surrounding area we can see evidence of this culture in monuments and sites such as the mosque/cathedral and Medina Azahara. Also of interest are the synagogue, city walls, Roman bridge and royal stables. Interesting museums include the Julio Romero de Torres Museum, Archeological Museum, Bullfighting Museum (Museo Taurino) and Fine Arts Museum. Wandering through the winding streets of Córdoba is a pleasure for all the senses.


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