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So what does ‘’Amber’’ mean to us eager globetrotters

Well, here we are, waiting at the traffic lights which are constantly at amber, hoping that the green light is soon going to shine big and bright. Our Government tells us we have to learn to live with Covid and to sensibly follow the rules whilst enjoying greater freedom.

We do live in a beautiful island but we do crave the warmth of the sun, the Mediterranean cuisine and the Spanish ‘’alegria’’ that is so electrifying.

So what does ‘’Amber’’ mean to us eager globetrotters (except for ‘’Beaming Sun’’ in Ancient Greek, a brand of Spanish beer, and a cherished resin gemstone)?

In England (and there are regional variances between the countries within the UK), the FCO states that if we travel to a country on the amber list for leisure purposes:

Before we travel to England (and as long as we have been double-vaccinated) we must:

On arrival in England we must:

  • quarantine at home or in the place we are staying for 2 days
  • take a COVID-19 test on or before day 2

We must follow these rules even if we have been vaccinated.

For entry into Spain, Portugal and France:

We need to arrive with our Passenger Locator Form completed, proof of our vaccination (except for Portugal) and a negative COVID test taken in the previous days (currently within 3 days of travelling but please check with the authorities a week before departing). Some carriers may require slightly different requirements so do please check the obligations of your transport provider, or ask us for guidance.

The situation in Spain, France and Portugal is rapidly improving, as the European countries’ vaccination programs have caught up with us. Spain’s major travel show FITUR opened its doors in May and the world of travel in Spain was ignited as the Minister of tourism predicted, along with a mightily firm commitment on behalf of the Spanish people to control this virus and welcome international tourists to their safe holiday destination again this summer.

Major UK tour operators and airlines have returned to the European resorts and are pushing the UK government to give these countries the green light as soon as it is safe and advisable to do so. Staff in airlines and tour operators are now rolling out their best smiles to welcome you finally on your long-awaited holidays.


PCR tests are available now in many locations and the Europeans have become as experienced as us at social distancing and mask wearing. Sales of hand cream for dry, overwashed hands are as high over there as they are here.


So is a holiday abroad now on the cards for those eager to get away?
!Si, Senor!

Masks? Yes.
Careful social distancing is still advised and sometimes obligatory too. But we are used to that by now.

But where better to feel like you are on holiday abroad than in Spain and Portugal? A healthy medicine for all symptoms of Covid incarceration.