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Silver Route III

7-Night Itinerary

This third option for the Silver Route combines part of Silver Route II with a combination of the original historic route up to the coast of Gijón, including a night at the Parador – a 15th Century Renaissance palace – in Zamora. Marvellous!

Suggested access airports: Madrid/Valladolid/Santander

Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo - Night 1

A lovely town filled with history. Discover the 12th century cathedral, the town walls, the 16th century City Hall, palaces of the Castro and Águila families, house of the Vázquez family, the 16th and 17th century Cerralbo Chapel, San Francisco Convent, San Andrés Church, convent of the Claras, and more. Ciudad Rodrigo is a town which will take you back in time.

Parador de Salamanca - Night 2 & Night 3

Stroll to the centre of the baroque 18th century Main Square (Plaza Mayor), look around and allow yourself to be charmed by its beauty and harmony. You can visit the 15th century House of Shells (Casa de las Conchas), the Old Cathedral (13th century), New Cathedral (16th – 18th centuries), and the university (16th century), as well as many churches, palaces and the archives. The provincial capital is a treasure house of monuments, a city in which the hustle and bustle of the university throbs with ceaseless cultural activity. Nearby lies the Armuña region (Castellanos de Villiquera, Monterrubio, Gomecello, La Velles), famous for its legumes, and crossed by the ancient Roman Ruta de la Plata (Silver Route) as it weaves its way towards Zamora. To the south are Arapiles and Mozarbez. Ledesma is another town of historic interest and monuments, framed by the pasture land of Salamanca province.

Parador de Villafranca - Night 4

An important milestone along the Camino de Santiago, and the last part of the route in the province of León. Villafranca was declared a site of historic and artistic interest in 1965. Among its many monuments, the Santiago and La Colegiata churches are of special note, as are San Francisco and La Anunciada Convents.

Parador de Ribadeo - Night 5

This Galician seaside town lies on the border between Galicia and Asturias. As we near the end of our route, it offers a much needed rest, and the opportunity to discover some beautiful places, including various beaches, especially Catedrales Beach and those along the Ribadeo Ria. We also recommend San Damián Fort, Do Santos Bridge and the nearby town of Castropol.

Parador de Gijon - Night 6 & Night 7

Gijón: historic, commercial, and industrial, where the sea, the gentle mountains and the city come together to create one of the most attractive metropolitan areas in northern Spain. San Lorenzo Beach, the esplanade, the marina, the Semana Negra (Black Week) festival, an active social scene and festive atmosphere all invite visitors to discover the city. Gijón has a network of museums and a variety of cultural events, including an international film festival and Latin American Book Show. Some of the town’s museums are noteworthy for their uniqueness, among them the Railroad Museum (Museo del Ferrocarril), the International Bagpipe Museum, the birthplace of Jovellanos, the Nicanor Piñole Museum, and the Revillagigedo Palace, among others.


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