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3 Night Itinerary

This route is a magical journey around some of Spain’s most intriguing Region of Andalusia

Parador de Cazorla - Night 1

Along the journey from Cazorla to Ubeda, seas of olive trees stretch alongside for miles over the horizon. The Muslims were well aware of the possibilities of this green gold for their increasingly refined cuisine. In Cazorla you can truly immerse yourself in nature at the Cazorla, Segura y las Villas Nature Reserve, with opportunities to visit the Torre del Vinagre Interpretive Centre, Iruela Castle and Collado del Almendral Game Park. This extremely beautiful natural area has beautiful scenery in all seasons. In the enticing old quarter of Cazorla, highlights for visitors include Yedra Castle and the Museum of Arts and Traditions of the Upper Guadalquivir (Museo Artes y Costumbres del Alto Guadalquivir).

Parador de Ubeda - Night 2

It was during the Arab period that Úbeda was founded, when Abderrahman II founded the city of Ubbadat al-Arab. In 852 the town was walled, and during the 11th and 12th centuries, it was conquered first by Almoravids and subsequently by the Almohads. But Úbeda is noteworthy above all for being home to the finest examples of the Andalusian renaissance. Of special note are the Holy Chapel of San Salvador and Santiago Hospital, Cadenas Palace and Santa María de los Reales Alcázares Church.

Parador de Jaen - Night 3

The province of Jaén contains the largest concentration of olive groves in Spain and these have played a prominent role in both the cultural and economic development of the city which has come to be known as world’s olive oil capital. The city’s economy is still based heavily on being a centre for the agricultural production so be sure to take advantage of the high quality olive oil and other fresh local produce on offer in the city’s bars and restaurants. The Cathedral of the Asunción in Jaén is considered one of the centepieces of Renaissance architecture in this part of Spain. Originally constructed on the site of a former mosque, a Gothic shrine was added in the 15th century to house the Holy Veil and the cathedral assumed its current Renaissance style following renovations by Andrés de Vandelvira in the 16th century. Click here to check opening hours and prices with the Spanish tourist office. The Cathedral is particularly impressive when illuminated at night so be sure to enjoy the views down from the Parador’s observation point.


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