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Cáceres and Monfragüe Nature Reserve Route

3 Night Itinerary

A route through one of Spain’s beautiful national parks including some fabulous Paradors.

Parador de Caceres - Night 1

As soon as you arrive in this town you can tell it is unique. The old and new architecture mix well. Sites especially worth a visit are; the Roman Walls, the Arabic Walls, the Bujaco Tower, the Episcopal Palace, the Palaces of Mayorazgo, Generala and Golfines de Arriba and the stately homes such as Casa de los Becerra, Casa del Mono and Casa de Carvajal. Don’t forget also to visit the co-cathedral of Santa Maria.The hotel is in the heart of the historical and artistic quarter of Cáceres, an ancient walled town so rich in old buildings that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Such is the unspoilt nature of the old town, or Ciudad Monumental (also famous for its many storks’ nests), that many historical dramas have been filmed here.

Parador de Plasencia - Night 2

Plasencia is a jewel in the lands of Exremadura. Some of the interesting places to visit are; the old and new cathedrals, the main square, the episcopal palace, the palaces of the Marqueses of Mirabel, Carvajal-Giron and Torres and the Convent of San Vicente Ferrer. The Parador de Plasencia, which is in the heart of the old quarter of the city, occupies a former convent dating back to the 15th century, and the building features both Gothic and Renaissance elements. From here you can visit the Monfragüe National Park 

Parador de Jarandilla - Night 3

The Parador de Jarandilla, a beautiful 15th-century fortified palace, boasts an incomparable size and beauty, and is a very special setting-off point for visits to places such as Yuste Monastery, where Emperor Carlos V spent his last days. Other interesting visits include natural sites such as the Olla Gorge. We also recommend the towns of the Vera region, especially Valverde and Villanueva.


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